“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” ― Hippocrates

"Nasos & Julie, I cant thank you enough for a truly memorable week. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and going home refreshed and looking forward to maintain a good regular exercise regime, a healthy diet, and a new posture! I feel very energised Thanks again and love to you both, Simon herts xxx"

"I had a very rich and meanigful experience at ZanteZest retreat. Their detox program is built up with absolute knowledge and care and yet adaptable to personal needs and / or tastes. But the best thing about ZanteZest is the hosts. On my behalf I couldnt of asked for a more warm and caring personal care. They not only took care of my physical and spiritual health but also showed and accompanied us while discovering the most beautiful interesting sights of this fabulous greek island of Zakynthos. I definitely recommend the experience. Thank you so much Nasos & Julie, Gabriella, Mexico"

"What a great time it turned out to be! I was a bit worried: the idea of no coffee and no solid food for 10 days had been mine, but I wasn’t sure I could manage. And I was travelling with a damaged knee, so lots of exercise was going to be out of the question. The ZanteZest team was super helpful. They guided me through the detox and gradually worked solid food back in to the day. The exercises were geared to strengthen my knee but also core muscles to get my posture straightened out. And some boxing to get my aggression out of my system. The weather was lovely, the scenery amazing and there was lots to see and do. All at a great price, with lovely people who have become friends and who will reach out to anyone to needs help. And did I mention they are animal lovers? Having the dogs to walk with and the cats to cuddle was an extra special touch. Give it a go. You won’t regret it. I’m going back for more." Angela, Italy.

Zante Zest. I had no idea what these two words mean... If you ask me now I say BEST HOLIDAY EVER. More than holiday… I decided to go to the detox week of a gorgeous couple cause a great girl in Athens said the same it was “her best holiday ever”. Sounds attractive but general, right? Most of us think to go for an all-inclusive week at the seaside drinking mojito all day lying on the beach… Highly depends on our own needs… as a working women in big companies with full of stress and pressure what is inspiring in a way but high energy need we need to charge our batteries at a point... I simply felt that’s exactly what I need to refill my body&soul. If you have high expectations you can easily disappoint but I got from Julie&Nasos in Zakynthos exactly what I expected and even more.
Zante Zest is not a “detox’ bootcamp you could pay any other seaside paradise with other 20 people. They tailor-made it for you and that’s why it doesn’t feel a strict detox with hunger or stress to your body it is just the opposite. I was actually surprised that I didn’t suffer after 1 day, not after 2 days… not even for a moment by the week! I wasn’t hungry thanks to the great juices (ask watermelon with beetroots as temptation, my absolute favourite), natural food and my soul filled with sunshine and their positive energies and love. By the end of the week you feel better and realise life is so simple, we just need to appreciate what we have! We are buying and taking in a lot of things we don’t need in our life! Junk food, alcohol, we are spoiled in the 21th century with the offers in a hypermarket and cannot resist to try a new “delicious” tinned food with full of sugar and salt… the best salad I ever had was in Greece and the best taste fig directly from Nasos picking in their garden, you just feel the difference from natural food.
Besides we visited beautiful beaches, get rid of my toxins I saw what I need to change in my life… We “just” need to dare to change, stop for a moment and appreciate what we have already and what we can get so easily not from the store bought for money. I’m so grateful for my new friends reminding me and showing new, more health conscious direction to me. I can proudly say I still have the morning ginger-lemon tea every single morning (after 3 months), started to make my own juices and don’t have junk food at home (Aperol and wine can stay in my fridge goes perfectly with nice cheese and appleJ)… Cannot thank you enough Julie and Nasos for all I got from you in a week <3

I just want to say a big thank you to Julie and Nas for helping me with my diet/foods to eat and exercise. I have to say my stay there was wonderful. There were turtle beaches to invigorating beaches, each so special in it own unique way. Done yoga went on great nature hikes. Made great memories going on a glass bottom boat which was amazing. The juices and food they served us were lush too. Thank you soo much guys keep in touch. Natalie X

"Although my stay in Zakynthos was quite short, (5 days if I do recall), it was totally worth it and I would go back in a heartbeat. I was made to feel so special from the moment I got to the airport and for the duration of my stay. Finding not only a outlet from life in a beautiful place, I also found a friend in Julie and the other girl that was there. It was so nice to cleanse my body with the natural juices and have enough energy to work up a sweat at the same time. It is truly amazing what the human body can do if you treat it right. As a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, I would love to plan more ZanteZest trips down the road. You couldn't really put a price on the kind of experience you here. It was a great find and I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their health and especially those who lead busy lives!"-Much Love Serena USA

The experience I had during my week at ZanteZest is honestly beyond words- but I will do my best.
I was looking for a solo getaway to get back on the track of wellness and, admittedly, lose some weight and tone up. I chose ZanteZest because of the focus on personalization, the wide variety of exercise options and the qualifications of Julie, Nas and Spyros. I really didn’t know what to expect as far as how it would all come together and how comfortable it really would be to spend a week there. Needless to say, I was blown away.
By day two I described the experience to a friend as “going on vacation with your friends- albeit very healthy and fit friends!” The combination of relaxation, detox, fitness, sightseeing and conversation created a perfect oasis in my crazy world.
The focus on learning how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle is incredible. It is nearly 2 weeks since I left and I am happy to say I have kept it up pretty well! I am so happy to have learned easy, everyday exercises and diet choices that I can use forever. Walking away at the end with an arsenal of information and advice is something I wasn’t expecting! Personalized service, beautiful setting, amazing conversation, encouragement and information to take away- the value of ZanteZest is truly amazing.
Honestly, stop reading and just book. You will not regret it! H, USA

"I've been to ZanteZest 3 times and every time Julie and Nasos were amazing! Extremely good at their Zesting job, the exercises, the yoga, the advices on health, posture, mind and body and so on. They are kind hearted, warm and the most helpful couple I've ever met. I will go back again and highly recommend anybody to go to their programmes and juicing. Zuzanna, Crawley"

"Julie and nas are fantastic kind hearted people who really have a zest for life they help and encourage you all the way to teaching your goal offering support all the way!fab people,fab business!Lydia, London"

"Completely washed out from a hectic lifestyle of travelling and working where the sacred rule of 'living healthy' is not always respected, I arrived at the airport. I had no expectations... no idea what to find or if I would even 'enjoy' this week...
But I felt that it was time to make a change...now.
Well, to my surprise I didn't struggle to make it through the week, I never felt lonely, I didn't crave solid food, .... no, as a matter of fact I LOVED EVERYTHING!
Julie and Nasos, no words for them... such a hospitable and super friendly couple and a joy to have around! The studios are an oasis of relaxation in the middle of finest nature , fully accommodated with spacious charming rooms where you find all you need.
And about the juices... they are just delicious! I loved each one of them and I was never hungry! Seriously! You get so full without feeling stuffed and they keep you to feel satisfied all day long. Before ZanteZest, I was getting through the day on 3 - 5 coffee's, sandwiches, soda's cookies, pasta's, meat and more of that while I now had easily switched to 6 juices per day. Without any effort! I quickly felt healthier - physically and mentally. After a few days I noticed that I needed less hours of sleep (and no alarm clock to get up, wow!), I could now get through the day without an afternoon nap, maintaining a healthy and stable energy level throughout.
The fitness program was customized to each individual's needs and you are free to choose the recreational activity you want to attend: belly-dancing, hiking, swimming, fitness, tai-chi, yoga, meditation, etcetera... or just choose to have a nap/read a book/get a tan by the beautiful clear sea!
After 8 successful days of juicing and exercising I had lost 3 kilo's of body fat but most importantly: I felt healthier than ever before and I was now ready to change my lifestyle. 3 Weeks have passed now since my Zantezest experience and I have no longer cravings for coffee, soda's, cigarette's,... also I have now a better awareness of my food intake. Because at the end, you ARE what you EAT! So, I can not recommend this experience enough to those who are looking for a budget-friendly, relaxing and entertaining sun holiday that will help you to kick-off a healthier lifestyle.
Nachos and Julie, Jack, Suki, Mr Cat and Snoopy: thank you so much again for the guidance, advice, the warmest welcome and hospitality. I feel great but I miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you soon again! :)
Daisy xxx Athens"

"My participation in the 10 day detox programme offered by ZanteZest has benefited myself and my family beyond expectation. My husband and I needed a huge push in the butt to get back in to a healthy lifestyle and this was the way to do it.
I was frustrated with myself, the food I was eating, the way I was feeling, the way I looked and the ‘unenergised’ outlook on life that my husband and I had. When it was time to book our accommodation in Greece for our summer holiday I was feeling more and more ‘down’ knowing that, as usual, a holiday meant putting on another few kilo’s, all on top of the superfluous ones I already had. After 3 weeks of searching for accommodation and sometimes looking at detox resorts (without any hope as I didn’t think my husband would be impressed and I had 2 children to take with us) I came across ZanteZest and started communicating with them. They were willing to let us bring the kids so I showed my husband the website (he kind of grunted but didn’t actually say no) and booked. Just knowing we would be going on a holiday to do a detox immediately lifted my spirits. Not my husband’s but he agreed to give it a try!
The approach that Julie and Nassos had was fantastic. Personalised training fitted to our ages, aches and attitudes, gentle persuasion when it came to accepting the juices and heaps of patience adapting schedules to our kids (because they had to eat and we needed time to shop and cook for them). We were taken on excursions, shown the island and not once had the feeling that we were being deprived of anything.
After a couple of weeks of juicing and losing 6 kg’s of bodyfat, being able to move more freely than before and feeling full of energy, my husband is now a changed man. We are now 3 months further and every morning he makes green smoothies for us to take to work and he makes sure that he exercises at least every 2nd day. I have managed to keep up the changed lifestyle as well and have now (for the first time in 12 years) been able to complete a 5km run (I know Julie, you advised against running for my knees but your exercises have strengthened them!!! and with a lighter body I put less strain on them!)
Both Julie and Nasos are patient, gentle and encouraging as well as fun to be around. They are vibrant and energetic, living examples of how life should be. M&M, and the kids, Qatar"

"I certainly had no idea how brilliant the trip would be until I experienced it. In fact I went with a little trepidation about what would be expected of me! Yes, the Island of Zante is stunningly beautiful. You don’t appreciate walking through orchards of orange, fig and almond trees or olive groves until you’ve done it. The bright turquoise of the water, the clarity of the light, the heat, the sandstone cliffs – I could wax lyrical for HOURS! – but I digress.
No, the real gem was the care that Julie and Nas took with us. For one thing, they only take 4 people at a time so you really DO get a personal service, tailored to your needs (an oft overused phrase in marketing but in this instance entirely accurate).
Let’s take it as read that they really are experts in their fields ( and they are), their skill lies in the care that they take in ensuring their clients achieve what they want to achieve in the time they spend on the Island. They took time to understand our lives, our stresses, our frustrations and our joys and somehow used this intelligence to create an exercise plan that would push but not defeat us. They managed to untangle our self-perceived limitations and replace them with boundless energy!
Anything we wanted to do on the trip they organised and took us on. They were knowledgeable and informative. They were our holiday guides but also left us for ‘alone’ time – perfectly judged all round.
It wasn’t all about the physical though – when was the last time you climbed a mountain to watch the sun rise? You have to it’s awesome!
We arrived home from Zante rejuvenated, refreshed, re-energised, relaxed and any other ‘re’ word you can think of!
You could go to Greece for a yoga retreat, a detox, a walking holiday, a beach holiday, a sightseeing holiday, a ‘boot camp’. Or you could join ZanteZest and have the perfect balance of all of them. I will be returning. And I will be spreading the word on their behalf. Jo and Stars manchester :)"

"Absolutely fab, Julie and Nas made our week just has exactly as we had envisioned, healthy juices freshly prepared and just the right amount of gentle exercise, sun, sea and sand left my husband and I feeling completely rejuvenated and ready for our life back home!! Look out Julie and Nas next year we may even bring the teenagers, thanks again and great to meet you :O) Sally & Jim Hants"

"I spent a week at ZanteZest while traveling around and can honestly say that this has been by far one of my favorite places to be. The location is beautiful, but even more important, Julie and Nas are the nicest and friendliest people I have had the honor of meeting. When I arrived, I was feeling exhausted and run down, but after my amazing week with them, not only did I feel well rested, but I just felt physically and emotionally rejuvenated. The juices were so delicious and they went above and beyond to make me feel like I was part of the family not just another person. I cannot say enough good things about ZanteZest and am already trying to figure out when I can come back! I hope everyone has the great fortune of getting to meet Julie and Nas and to have the chance to get “ZanteZested”! -Lauren (FL, USA)"

"Being a chef it was hard for me to believe that i had to stop thinking of food constantly and not chew anything for a week. But Julie and Nasos made that so easy!! They managed to make an exercise program exactly as i needed because of my back problem (prolapsed disk). The juices were tasty, the exercises were so much fun but most of all J+N made me feel like home! They were supportive physically and mentally! During this week i felt HEALTHY and FULL OF ENERGY i even forgot that i was there just to loose some kg!!!!!! Can't thank you enough guys!!! Love you! Spyros"

"My holiday at ZanteZest was a week of total nourishment for the body and soul. Julie and Nas used their knowledge and experience to create a programme that was specific to my requirements. I was made to feel welcome and at ease in their home. Each day was a perfect balance of exercise, new experiences exploring the island and always included opportunity for rest and reflection in the stunning scenery of Zakynthos. Will definitly be going back. Ginny, Stoke-on-Trent"

"Julie and Nas are incredibly special. They are warm-hearted, generous, thoughtful, down-to-earth and extremely knowledgeable. I didn’t think it was possible, but they made detoxing fun. I learned something new every minute of the day and the way everything was explained meant I was able to fully integrate it into my day to day life. I left feeling energized, inspired and with a renewed-confidence. Zante Zest is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. Tania"

"Hi All back from Zante Zest yesterday after 11 days of total training. Achieved something I never thought possible in that time thanks to the wonderful Julie and Naz. 12 3/4 pounds of body fat GONE and 22 3/4 inches off the body inc 61/2 off my waist. Its true it took a lot of effort and it was very gruelling at times but thats what I asked for!! On top of all this Ive also left all my demons in Greece and am now starting to love myself again. I cant thank Julie and Naz enough for what they have done. These two are truly amazing people, inspirational doesnot even cover it!!!! If you want to lose weight, tone up, chill out, re-charge, re-think, detox or just release the stress that builds up on a daily basis from the trials of life then Zante Zest is for you. Thanks guys love you 2 Clare, longton xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

"Back from Zante Zest yesterday. Went for inspiration, to try new things such as Tai Chi & Qi Gong and a chance to cleanse my mind of the daily stresses of life. Came back yesterday, mind cleansed, thoughts focussed, motivation through the roof! I'd recommend you experience ZZ at least once in life. It is truly amazing. Richard, Brighton"

"Well what can I say...I decided to return to Zakynthos for a second ZanteZest experience 2 weeks ago, having felt better than I ever have in my life since the first visit in April and I was not disappointed! Since April I have been healthier, fitter and slimmer without question, so the need to lose inches was not quite the same this time round, however for me personally I was ready to go on a slightly different journey this time round, focusing as much on my mind as my body. I will be the first to admit that when it comes to putting pressure on myself, worrying about everything and critising myself from head to toe, I am definitely my own worst enemy. Julie Anne Mystriotis and Nasos Mystriotis were so intune with this they tailored my week to cleanse, tone, revitalise and sooth my mind, body and soul, something I will always be thankful for. I left the island feeling not only healthier, but happier in my heart, more peaceful in my soul and with a far more positive outlook on my life and my body. I truly cannot thank them enough for the amazing work they do and everything they have done and continue to do for me. So much love, respect and thanks to you both :o) Kate, Newmarket xxxx"

"ZanteZest is the best detox and life changing holiday you can ever have! I felt I needed a life change, felt I needed to get healthier, more fit but I did not know exactly how to do it and where to find inspiration and help that would last. I found it all in ZanteZest. Julie and Nas were exactly what I was looking for. From the moment I arrived in Zante I was their priority, everything I did was tailor made for me. I tried exercising the way I never did before and tried various types I never had a courage or will to do when I was doing it all on my own. I guess that was the best part of it all, feeling I was not alone in this, that I had a massive help and support in those two most genuine, warm, loving and understanding people that were both very professional and forward looking. It was Julie and Nas who helped me understand what I needed to do to get the change I wanted, how to do it and why it was so important to do it that way. They earned my utmost trust not only because of their extensive knowledge but also due to their never ending enthusiasm and passion with which they do their work. Out of the activities I loved yoga, pilates and Thai massage the most. Results were amazing. I improved not only my fitness and posture but I have learned how to be more kind to my own body and soul and gained such a powerful inspiration that keeps lasting for many months on. All in all, Julie and Nas are two amazing people that will give you an unforgettable time of your life; inspiration and courage to continue with it once you are back home again and all this in the most beautiful island of Greece. I cannot recommend ZanteZest enough, you truly need not look further, just try it for yourself. You won't regret a minute of it. Z, london."

"Thank you Zantezest for the most incredible 10 days! Julie and Nasos, what an amazing experience, to meet and get to know 2 incredibly giving, inspiring people who will be friends for life, delicious juices, hikes up mountains, the most incredible beaches, mixing with the locals and exploring Zakynthos. Thanks to both of you for giving me this opportunity and I feel so great and healthy xoxoxo Miss H, Australia"

"When I started making initial queries to Zante Zest, I knew that something that a wonderful experience awaited! Julie was amazing, she was responsive, interested and went out of her way to meet any of my requests, there was a personal touch and I knew she cared.
I had no hesitation in making my decision to Detox at Zante Zest, and was welcomed with the warmest greeting from Julie and Nasos, I felt right at home! I had the most incredible 10 days ever! It was the most holistic Detox ever, in terms of nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual balance.
I was tired, rundown and stressed when I started and 10 days later I felt totally alive, healthy and clear about everything in my life and bonus I lost inches and kilos and am glowing! The juices were delicious and varied so you never got bored or hungry, in fact the opposite I could not drink them all. Unlike other detoxes I had been on before I was allowed to drink as much as I desired,and I realized I did not need so much as I was full! Exercise was great Yoga, pilates, tai chi & Chi Qong, hiking, swimming and corrective exercises for my posture.
What was so special was the encouragement, support and friendship I received from Julie and Nasos, two very special people who are passionate about what they do. They go above and beyond and are there for you 150 % !!! I am a keen photographer and they introduced me to their friends, took me to their home and showed me the entire island. Each day we explored something new, amazing beaches, local villages, mountains, and towns. At Zante Zest everything is tailored to what you want to make the experience special for you.
Thank you Nasos and Julie for one of the best holidays ever, I cannot recommend Zante Zest more highly!! Above all I have two very special friends, Kelly, London"

"I would like again thank you for amazing week I spent at Zante Zest. Me and my 73years old mother. It was best holiday we ever had!!! Beside that I lost 4 kilo body fat and my mother 5 kilo in one week, we both got healthy way of living. Nas and Jullie were so attend to my mother who didn't speak English, but she felt so loved, cared and happy, that she feels she got 15 years younger after this week. Jullie and Nas were making individual exercises program for both of us. It was not only healthy fitness detox holiday, we were visiting most beautiful places of this Island. I will never forget how much fun was climbing mountain, hourse ridding, kayaking, snorkeling with Turtles, diving in caves. Each day we did something adventurous. I will highly recommend Zante zest to all my friends and everybody who like to get new way of living, get healthier, having lovely holiday. Thank you again for changing our lives,
love Natasha and Margarita, London"

"This is an amazing experience for everyone!!! If you yearn to be healthy, needing to de-stress from the hectic thing that is life or just wanting to learn more than your head can handle in one week about nutrition, being well - mind and body?????? Iits changed my life!! Go and enjoy a daily half day sesh with the fab Julie your 121 personal trainer, conquering challenges you never thought you would, lap up the fabulous atmosphere and ...... come home feeling AMAZING!!! Seriously go experience the wonderful ZZ!!!! Thanks Nas and Juliexx , Julie Stoke"

"Can really really recommend Zante Zest. It was the best week of my life I acheived so much. I am a changed woman!!! Thanks you so much Nas and Julie xxx Clare Bromley Staffordshire"

"I came across zantezest quite by accident! & i am so glad i did! The reception we got from julie and nas was amazing! julie took time out with each of us to decide what regime would best suit individual needs & Lifestyle in excercise & good healthy eating, we had loads of fun doing yoga, tai chi, hiking, meditating and a whole lot more, & it didnt stop there, julie sent us via email our regime so that we could carry this good work on back home. we absolutely loved the experince and also zante - an absolute bonus. I cant praise julie enough for the feel good factor she exubes to her clients (even the doubtful 1's) :) so much so that we have booked our 2 next adventures at ZZ and i think julie will be pretty amazed at the result of her first (but not last) clients & she has helped our group in more ways than she realises (all good stuff) :) A big thankyou to julie and nas and I wish them every success for the future, GO ZZ CUZ YOU'RE THE BEST. Jilly, staffs xx"

"I highly recommend this company....my beautiful daughter had terrible health problems and we thought we would never see her happy and content again...TWO weeks in ZanteZest we have our daughter laughing and joking on the phone....the best gift any parent could give their child...She is now full of life and enjoying life...many thanks to nas and julie for giving us our daughter back xxx Karen Helsby Burnley"

"Having just returned from a week of ZanteZest -ing on Sunday, I would like to share with you all what an incredibley amazing experience it was. From the minute I arrived to the minute I left, Julie Anne and Nas provided such a welcoming, inspirational and moivational environment that I will forever be eternally grateful for. I learnt more about myself and my body in one week than I ever thought possible and the encouragement and support I received was more than I could have asked. I thoroughly enjoyed my ZanteZest experience and would highly recommend it to anyone! It truely was the best thing I have ever done for myself and long may it continue!! :-) Thank you guys for everything Kate Orton Suffolk xxx"

"Had an absolutely amazing few days - thank you both so much. Not only for the fab results which I'm more than a little chuffed with but for the energy kick-start I really needed and also for the fact I've made new friends. Zante is beautiful, shame the same can't be said about it back here in the UK. Can't wait for my next visit - definite long weekend soon. Maybe Tai Chi in Xigia next time ;-) Again, thank you so much Karen, Northampton xxx"

"When I first heard about Zante Zest I was very sceptical but thought great holiday booked plus the chance to try new things.
On arrival to the beautiful Island of Zakynthos my main aim was to get a great sun tan! We were greeted at the airport by Julie Ann Fox – a lady whom I’d never met before but instantly warmed to. A short 20 minute journey chatting about what we would like from our time at Zante Zest we arrived at our amazing villa for the week in the resort of Tsilivi. We were then given the rest of the day to explore the resort, check out the beach and settle in for the start of our holiday.
Later on that evening we joined Julie and her partner Nas for our evening meal where we decided on the Juice Plan for the week. The following morning our amazing adventure began with our weight and measurements being taken followed by gentle exercise. By day 3 I could feel the benefits of the long walks, yoga, tai-chi and corrective exercise paying off. My long suffering ‘couch potato’ body coupled with my Hiatus Hernia were reaping the benefits of Julies personal 1-2-1 training programme, and just by listening to Julie and taking on board some of her suggestions and tips from her endless wealth of knowledge and experience – I was becoming a more relaxed person – happier and more positive than I had been for over 10 years.
By the end of the week I felt like a different person. I was that amazed by the results I had achieved in just 1 week that I have booked to go back and can’t wait to get there. Just by changing my mindset and putting into practice some of the advice Julie gave to me, I have managed to maintain my results since being back at home. The benefits have lasted far longer than my sun tan.
A BIG THANKYOU to Zante Zest – by far the best holiday I have ever had. I had an amazing time and highly recommend everyone to try it - Fun in the sun and wellness. See you both Soon ;0)"
Tracy Duncalf
Burslem – England.

"I went to ZanteZest in June and thought I would share my experience for those of you who are interested in going. When I booked ZZ I was extremely excited about the challenge of something new - the whole experience completely exceeded my expectations! I not only lost lbs, body fat and inches, but came back with a much better idea of what i should eat, when and how! it really is about a lifestyle change rather than just a hol and i would highly recommend it!! The result has been improved physical fitness along with improved mental and emotional well-being, which has had a knock-on effect of improved self-confidence and a general 'can-do' attitude. I particularly found the Mountain Climb a real buzz! Julie put together a bespoke training schedule, fine-tuned to my personal req's and was available via email for support and guidance after i returned to the uk! You couldn't ask for more :-)) Thank you Julie & Nas - it was a fabulous week and i cant wait to come back Xx" Adele, Stoke on trent"