Happy Healthy Holidays in Zante, Greece

A holiday can temporarily take you out of your daily life, but rarely will it offer an adventure that can change the way you live. We invite you to join us for a rejuvenating, transformative experience that will provide you with an exhilarating break from your normal routine and deliver incredible results in just one week! The week is all about you and you can decide what you prefer to participate in whether it is Yoga and Tai Chi that appeals to you, or mountain hikes and corrective postural exercise. You can choose to join in or relax depending on how you feel. We are always on hand to advise and motivate you so you get the best from your week. We hope the week will give you a chance to connect with your true self and what sings to your soul.

Reflect, Recharge, Renew...

"A fantastic thoroughly enjoyable holiday to try new exercises, cleanse, detox and kick start a healthy lifestyle"

Packages start from £695 pp which includes:

  • Assessments: - Body Fat % - water %, Blood Pressure Check, Acid/Alkaline test
  • Postural Assessment and Personal Corrective exercise
  • Pilates Sessions (Core / Abdominal strengthening)
  • Guided Scenic Walks/Hikes on the picturesque natural beauty areas of Zante
  • Yoga stretch and Meditation
  • The ancient healing form of Tai Chi & Chi Kung
  • 4 or 7 day Juice Cleanse, 4 day juice followed by 3 day raw and cooked healthy Greek cuisine
  • Beautiful Shared and Private beach side Apartment and Studio Accommodation
  • Trips to the near by Sulphur Spa Healing Beach
  • Beautiful relaxing areas
  • Natural Mineral Clay Pampering
  • Visit the beautiful famous Ship Wreck
  • Massage at extra cost is also available
  • Return transfers from Zakynthos Airport. (Araxos prices on request)
  • Please note that Your Flights are NOT included
  • Please make sure you take out travel insurance