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The island of Zakynthos Greece or Zante, a very popular destination, was called by the Venetian “The Flower of the Orient”, for being one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionians. Zakynthos island has impressive landscapes, long golden sandy beaches diving into crystalline waters, a Marine Park for the protection of the sea-turtle, beautiful pine-covered mountains, traditional villages with stone houses, and a charming capital to offer. There are also many beautiful orthodox churches, archaeological sites and Venetian castles...

The Shipwreck is the most famous of the beaches of Zakynthos Greece. It is situated on the eastern part of the island, near the village of Anafotiria. The official name of the beach is Agios Georgios. The beach took it name from the ship that transported illegally cigarettes in 1983, and washed up on the beach which, with the years passing, grew up around it. The ruins of the ship are in the middle of a beautiful white sandy beach with crystalline waters. The beach is surrounded by vertical rocky cliffs, creating a very impressive picture.

The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta-Caretta) is an endangered specie that can only be found today in the Mediterranean sea. The turtle can reach a size of 1.2 metres in length and a 100kg weight. The female turtle lays her eggs between June and August, at night, in the dry part of the sandy beaches, and leaves more than one hundred eggs in a hole of 40 to 60 cm deep. The hatchlings emerge about two months later and return to the sea. Twenty to thirty years later, the females will return to their natal beach to reproduce. For thousands of years, the turtles have lived peacefully in the area of Zakynthos and have laid their eggs on the long sandy beaches. Today, the sea turtle is under the direct threat of extension from the increasing tourist industry on the island of Zakynthos.The Caretta-Caretta creates an average of approximately 1.300 nests along 6 beaches in the famous bay of Laganas. The Greek legislation has adopted a series of measures to protect the turtle and has established the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. The Marine Park is situated on the southern coast of Zakynthos, and covers the area of Laganas, nearby beaches such as Gerakas and Keri Lake. For more information about the National Marine Park, check the website: www.nmp-zak.org the Society for turtle protection in association with the Greek Ministry of Environment provide the information to the visitors about the few simple regulations that will ensure the protection of the endangered turtle.

Xigia Beach is in the north of Zante and offers a unique chance to go to a health spa for free! The water here has high sulphur content, reputed to be good for skin, removing cellulite, relieving arthritis and for other minor ailments. What could be better on holiday than treating yourself to a pampering swim, so you can return home healthier and revitalized?! The beach is small and uncrowded, perfect for a tranquil time to bathe in the healing waters.

If you are keen to see some of the more historical sites on the island of Zante, then a trip up Mount Skopos to see the stunning monastery at the top should be on your list of things to do. Recently renovated, the Skopiotissa Monastery is really stunning – perched on top of the mountain with sweeping island views all around.