The founders Nasos and Julie Anne built ZanteZest from a passion to help others...

"Yes we need to make a living but this is secondary to the gift that comes from inspiring others to reach their goal".

ZanteZest is a small but perfectly formed team, who all share the same passion for life, they don’t just do a job, their passion is reflected in their work, giving their best to help others to get healthy and have fun.

Nasos is a Tai Chi and Chi Kung Practitioner, as well as a Personal Trainer and Juice Therapist. He completed his juice therapy academy at the Jason Vale, Juice Master HQ . In his late teens he was a promising Basketball athlete, however he was devastated when injury ended his career. He lost sight of his true self and to fill the void, spent many years unhealthy and suffering from continuous chest problems, from smoking and drinking. In his 30's he decided to take control of his health, quit smoking and retrain in his passion of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Physical Fitness and Healthy Living.

Nasos has the understanding of experiencing the difficulties of quitting addictions and shares a great wealth of knowledge in practical ways to help quit addiction when other techniques have failed. Nasos believes that as well as a healthy attitude to food and exercise, continual personal development and a thirst for knowledge has helped him to rebuild his future and go back to his true self... He is living proof that this is something that we can all achieve no matter the situation we may be in.

Julie Anne has over 15 years experience within the Health and Fitness Industry, Originally qualifying in Sports Therapy, she has developed her knowledge by undergoing continual personal development in Spinal Rehabilitation, working within a Chiropractors, for many years and for the NHS. As a Personal Trainer her skills include Yoga, Pilates, Corrective Exercise, Aqua Aerobics and many more. Julie Anne has studied in Eastern healing techniques, focusing on dietary awareness and the ancient healing of Shiatsu and Thai massage. Since working for the NHS, Julie Anne became aware that in today’s society there is cry for prevention not cure as our health service becomes more and more in demand. Having experienced both sides after a near fatal car crash, and having to regain her own fitness and health, it gave her the motivation to help build Natural Zest and help others to get on to the right track of a healthy mind, body and spirit!

Between them they have attracted like minded people who share a passion for Health and Well being and their networks include some fabulous, highly experienced Yoga and Tai Chi Teachers from around the world, who run events throughout the year.

The team at the retreat offer a wealth of experience in rejuvenation and relaxation, giving their best to make your time enjoyable, happy and healthy in beautiful surroundings. The team has a varied base of skills ranging from Personal Training, Hiking and Outdoor sports instructors to more Eastern forms of exercise in Yoga, Tai Chi and Belly Dancing!! There is one rule at ZanteZest and that is each member gives their absolute best to keep everyone happy and smiling by having lots of fun!!!

Our aim is to not just to make you feel healthier and fitter whilst you spend your time with us but to go away knowing that you have our continual support and lifelong friends.